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How We Teach Our Students

You can start anytime on your dance program.
Your program is specifically designed for you.
All class levels are running on a continuous ongoing basis.
You choose your own schedule and progress at your own rate.

Utilizing our system you will gain the practical skills for
        your specific situation in the quickest way possible.

Here's how it works:

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio system of teaching - Personal Lessons, Group Class and Practice Dance Parties 

Each program is individually planned and includes 3 types of classes:

1. Personal Lessons
During your one-on-one private lessons, you will receive personalized instruction that will help you achieve your personal goals. Your instructor will spend the time necessary on technique, styling, and general dance improvement. An up-to-date record of everything you have learned on your private lessons will also be kept as part of your instruction.

2. Group Classes
Group Classes are an important complement to your private instruction. They give you the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners, develop good dance habits, and meet other students in the studio. In Group Classes we emphasize technique, style, and variation of patterns. You may be taught materials that your regular instructor hasn't introduced to you yet. Additionally, material that has been already introduced will be reviewed and practiced for improvement.

3. Practice Parties

We hold scheduled dance parties (practice sessions) for all our students. These practice parties are held on a weekly basis. You will have fun dancing with the other students and instructors in a relaxed and comfortable environment. This gives you the opportunity to practice and try out the new dance skills that you've learned in your Private and Group Lessons.

This combination of individual private attention, repetition and practice is particularly powerful when applied as an integrated approach by a team of experts working together to build your new skills.

Many other studios have these 3 types of classes but never in such an integrated fashion, with such ease of scheduling and with the lesson plans so personally tailored.

Other Features of the Arthur Murray Dance Teaching System

Arthur Murray Dance Syllabus
Our dance syllabus is very comprehensive providing a hugely versatile teaching range. There are opportunities for learning whichever dance style you choose ranging from latin, swing or traditional ballroom in either the social or competitive styles.

Our Instructors
Our instructors are carefully selected and trained to bring you the finest in dancing instruction. Using the "Team Teaching Approach" and working together they help you reach any dancing goal through individualized lesson plans and the latest techniques and styles.

In-Studio Social Dance Events, Theme Parties and Shows
In addition to our regular dance practice party sessions we also hold specially planned events and dance "festivals". These provide social dancing and/or performing opportunities to expand our students' dancing skills while having loads of fun doing so.

Arthur Murray Medal Ball
An Arthur Murray Medal Ball is a gala dance event honouring students who graduate from one level of their dance program to the next. Medal Balls also afford students the opportunity to enjoy their dancing in a fun and elegant setting.

Arthur Murray Showcase
An Arthur Murray Showcase is a one-day event where students present dance routines with personalized choreography. These routines make an exciting addition to your Medalist Program because they allow you to develop showmanship and musical expression along with your other dance skills.

Arthur Murray Dance-o-Rama
An Arthur Murray Dance-o-Rama is an exciting multi-day event full of activities such as day long dancesport competitions, elegant cocktail parties, dinner dances, and exhilerating professional shows. These events bring students together from many Arthur Murray studios to perform and compete, at their level, in dances of their choice. Preparation for this requires specialized dance training to polish and perfect choreography, technique, and style. These gala events hone a dancer's skill through preparation and focus, and offer a "dance immersion" experience.

Arthur Murray International
Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios is the world's largest teaching organization.  This allows your local Arthur Murray studio access to global trends and teaching techniques that smaller schools often do not have.  There is a team of literally thousands standing behind our teaching system.

Video Studies

This method of instruction often reduces the time it takes to learn. "One picture is worth a thousand words". Video study is quite popular with many students and is included free of charge with any of our programs.

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